BI tools suitable to your business

Business intelligence, today is becoming more and more an integral, integrated and essential part of all businesses, be it small or big. The gap between hardware, software and data analytics is blurring as both need to work seamlessly to ensure businesses are intelligent enough to serve the purpose they are expected to.

There are many vendors who specialise separately in hardware, software and analytics but today more and more vendors are realizing that all three need to work in tandem and its easier for businesses also to make a decision on purchase of product and using the required services for all 3 are provided by one vendor under the same umbrella.

Few key benefits of integrated BI Tools:

  • They provide real time data / information about customers, products, competition etc.
  • They are user friendly and come with 24 X 7 service support which is extremely valuable in retail POS environment.
  • They help to streamline business operations and optimize processes to build efficiencies.
  • They help improve response time and add to bottomlines by cutting on undue expenses.

Types of BI and related areas:

  • BI Hardwares: These constitute the necessary data warehouses, servers etc to support both the Softwares and Tools mentioned below.
  • BI Softwares: These range across business functions like HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales etc and are present at each stage of Product life cycle starting from raw material purchase to factory to consumer purchase and re-purchase etc.
  • BI Tools: Some popular examples are Domo, Tableau, Micro Strategy, Qlik etc which help in visualizing and analysing the generated data in an easy and intuitive manner so businesses can make quick decisions in cases of identified opportunities or threats.


SAP, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have already started providing all the above services under one roof to make it easier for businesses to decide on their purchases and also ensure seamless working of necessary products and services.

Before implementing any solutions, to ensure they understand the requirements and issues in advance as much as possible, vendors generally go through the entire business process in detail across steps like: Requirement gathering from key personnel across functions using interviews or process questionnaires etc, they further move on to process mapping, proposition of the appropriate solution for the business along with timelines, project plan and finally the implementation.

Areas that need BI support and hence the associated popular solutions are: Warehouse Management Services (WMS), Inventory Management (IM), retail POS, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Mobile orders, Payment kiosks, Vehicle tracking, Vending machines etc. These are used across businesses from FMCG, IT, Retail, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals etc and the scale of solutions are also dependent on the industry or stage of business maturity.


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Why cyber security is important for the smooth running of an organization

Organizations have evolved their strategies and mode of work along with the technologies of present. With internet being omnipresent, all the organizations have integrated the internet into their working model. Internet is used for cloud storage and transfer of data which is susceptible to cyber attacks that can have very bad affect on the organization.

In this article we shall look at why cyber security is important for an organization to function properly.

Cost effective

Every organization has an objective to cut costs as much as possible without compromising the quality of the organization. Cyber attacks costs the organizations a lot of money in lost sensitive information and fines that could follow for not meeting the cyber security guidelines. If there is a proper cyber security system operating in the organization it can help in boosting revenue by improving the credibility and sense of security among the customers.

Hiring a cyber security expert

This is one of the best ways to make sure that the company’s cyber security is strong. Third party security system and expert cost less money than setting up your own system and training the employees. They are also very experienced and have a very good infrastructure to tackle any problem. Even the regular maintenance and updating of the systems will be taken care of by them. Cyber security in Singapore can help an organization to achieve this.

Reducing lawsuits

Privacy of personal information is a top priority for customers and ensuring to keep it safe is the organization’s task. When cyber attacks are carried and the information is stolen, it puts the customers at potential risk too. The customers can file lawsuits against the organization for the damages due to the information leak. To avoid such a sticky situation which is both time consuming and resource consuming, it is better to follow simple tips and strengthen the security.

Loss of data

Cyber attacks can lead to loss of important data which can lead to inefficient working of the organization. If the backup is also stored in the system, it can also get deleted in case of a cyber attack depending upon the motive of the criminals.

From this it is evident how important cyber security is for an organization and what are some of the best practices o avoid such a situation. Cyber security in Singapore can provide this for the organizations .

Selecting The Best Eye Lasik Facility For Your Eyes

Health is very important to each and every individual. It is their only source of strength and once it got weak, everything about your body will surely fall down. It will then be difficult for you to work and you will not be able to provide for your family.

Every person should take so much care about their body. All of our body parts are very important, most especially our sense of sight. It is the only way for us to see so we must take care of it. However, the moment we grow old, this organ will also find it hard to perform its function. That is the reason why Atlas eye lasik Singapore have emerge .

This is an eye surgery. The process on this is not that hard since the doctors will only be using an equipment with the use of a laser. It is done in order to bring back the normal faculties in your eyes and so that you could still see things clearly. Finding a facility to perform such is easy, just follow these simple tips.

Browsing through the internet will be a great idea in order to find the best one. It could certainly provide you a vast selection of choices to choose from. And using such would also be beneficial to you since you can read some reviews of the past patients of that hospital.

The physical outlook of the clinic shall also be one determining factor when selecting the best one. Of course, no one would go for a clinic which is very dirty and unorganized. Also, try to look if the facilities and the apparatus used are new and modernized because having such would assure you your life is really in good hands.

Most clients would also prefer those clinics that have been in the service for a long years already. This is for the reason that patients are rest assured that they will be taken care of. They believe that these hospitals have already gone through a lot of experiences so they are already an expert in the field so there is nothing to worry about.

The character and the credentials of the medical expert who will do the operation will also be a big factor. Such doctor shall be someone who have a wide knowledge about cases like this. He should have undergone years of study and must have a certificate that would prove that he is indeed license to perform such operation.

This operation may not be that life threatening. But as a patient, you must still find a clinic that will surely take good care of you. This is also to assure that this endeavor would have a positive result in the end.