5 key components of infrastructure solutions

The objective of infrastructure solution is to combine various facets of information and technology to cater to specific customer needs. It plays a pivotal role in implementing end-to-end business functions with key focus on process improvement. It addresses the challenges a company usually faces during its operation, and provides a cost-effective method to deliver more efficiently. Its functions include system integration, testing, remote assistance, design and implementation, and post-implementation service. Following are some of the key components of infrastructure solution:

Remote infrastructure management: Remote infrastructure management, as the name suggests, is a process of managing servers, networking, and security devices from a remote location. The service can be provided from a different geographical location than the physical infrastructure of the company, which helps the department focus on fulfilling its responsibilities more efficiently and coordinate with other departments.

Network monitoring: In network monitoring, a set of systems are used to monitor the performance of the network from a centralized location and notify the system administrator in the event of a technical glitch. A few matrices are used to assess the performance of the network against the load, and the information can be used to improve its performance if required.

Data backup and recovery: Data backup and recovery is a crucial feature of infrastructure solution. Data loss can jeopardize the business if it’s not retrieved and made available on time. Data recovery system ensures that the data is restored quickly and efficiently if such scenarios are encountered.

Cloud service: Cloud service is a powerful method to improve productivity and efficiency of an organization. It also reduces cost of operation significantly, making it possible for an organization to achieve more with available resources. Vendor and resource management can be done on the cloud via centralized administration, which makes the process far more efficient and gives the operation a lot of flexibility. Cloud service is also very reliable as the whole process can be shifted to a different server if needed.

Access control solution: Data security is of paramount importance to any organization, and that’s something access control solution takes care of. Being a sap partner, it integrates ERP and SAP with security database to provide comprehensive network security, access management, and end point security, and gives an organization more control over its security management.

With a combination of all the functions that infrastructure solution provides, an organization can achieve exceptional results and redefine its presence in the market.

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