Compelling Reasons Why Logistics and Transportation Companies Need a Mobile App

Whether you are the owner or the manager of a logistics company, it is your responsibility to ensure that every aspect of your business is running smoothly. But doing this is likely going to be a challenge especially if you have a lot of business-related activities to deal with like monitoring inventories, tracking drivers, and so on.

To keep up with every facet of your business, you are certainly going to need some help. Gone are the days when managers and business owners hire a lot of people to handle important business activities. Presently, a logistics app can help businesses do practically everything from sending invoices, tracking drivers, to syncing bill and streamlining accounting.

The following article by Quora shed light on some convincing reasons why transportation and logistics companies need a mobile app.

Why Do Transportation And Logistics Companies Require A Mobile App?

Transport and logistics is a field where you lack management and that affects your revenues. Things are haphazard! You have no control over the driver behaviour as you can’t track them which also leads to delayed deliveries. Read more here.

You likely now know some compelling reasons why logistics companies need a mobile app for their business operations. To get the most out of these apps, it is essential that you learn about the technologies that power their development. Doing this, will go a long way in helping you better manage your activities and reduce costly mistakes and regrettable errors.

The following article by LiliiaHarkushko shed light on the technologies that power logistics app development.

Which Technologies Power Logistics App Development

We receive lots of inquiries about developing apps that work like Uber. But not everyone who wants something Uber-like is looking to build a taxi app. Transportation is a huge market that’s increasingly embracing mobile and web apps. Read more here.

You surely now know how logistic apps work and how they can help optimize your business activities and scale your revenue. So, if you are really serious about growing your business to a new height in today’s competitive environment, then you should start using any of the best logistics apps as soon as you can.

The following article by Maggie Bendis unveils some of the best logistics and supply chain apps you should give a try.

13 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications

In today’s competitive business environment, getting the correct products to the right place at the right time via the most cost-effective manner is paramount for your business’ success. To stay ahead, tech-smart operations,Read more here.

You definitely now know some 13 logistics and supply chain applications that have helped thousands of businesses become more organized and scale their revenue. While these apps are great, all of them may not be able to help you achieve your business goal. To narrow down the best one for your business, you may have to try each of them out.

Final note

Managing a logistics business is not an easy task, with so many balls to juggle; it is likely going to be a challenge for managers to ensure that all business activities are carried out flawlessly. Hiring more people is certainly not the answer as the room for human error will increase. The best way to go is to use a logistics app.

With a good logistics app, you will be able to monitor drivers in real time, optimize your business activities, stay organized, scale your income, and get more work done in less time.

Presently, there are so many logistics apps to zero in on that will suit the needs of your business; you may have to do some research or better still, experiment with any of the top-rated logistics apps that are available.

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Why CRM Apps are the way to go

Businesses require an essential streamlined work system that provides the best outcome. Tools that help boost the outcome and help flourish the business are very much in demand. One such system that allows this are Customer Relationship Management Applications or CRM apps. A very popular application that is embedded in almost every enterprise there is, can easily be used for any business size.

The basic purpose of using CRM is to create better relations with customers by keeping their retention and attainment. This can also be termed as the actual and ultimate goal of CRM. In any enterprise when customers are satisfied, they will keep coming back and word of mouth also spreads thereby creating customer advocates for the business. A CRM app is portable and can easily be used through smart phones or tablets. Many organizations previously thought that through manual spreadsheets and emails this important factor could be catered to. However, it has been seen that collection of some complicated information cannot be archived and then found in due time. It is tedious to store such bulk information and there are sometimes chances of it being sometimes lost as well. Although most commonly this application is used for customer relationship but it manifests within itself client information, leads, employees, contract wins etc. all under a single umbrella.

Following is a list of benefits that a CRM application can do for a business.

  • Better and streamlined organization of data
  • Enhanced communication between the employees and automated notifications can be made in the app
  • Information sharing and selective sharing
  • Leads are caught efficiently
  • All information readily available anytime, anywhere

The application is available in several ways. It can reside within the company’s IT sector, or in the form of a cloud software or can simply be hosted online. There are many CRM applications available in the market and research can be done before selecting the one that suits your business best.

Singapore is one of the top leading economic countries of the world. It is a business hub with a developed market economy. Its industries and organizations are highly efficient and constitute towards the overall GDP of the country. CRM apps have been adopted with open arms by companies in Singapore. Many organizations in Singapore offer CRM services to clients. The customer care and relationship building in Singapore has always been of paramount importance. With the use of CRM this has been possible to cater to their needs better.

The CRM services offered by the Singapore companies are internationally acclaimed and very prevalent. They integrate all the best features that can be customized according to the type of business, either big or small.



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4 Ways of Creating a Personalised Kiosk Operation Solution

The great thing about kiosks is that not only does it enhance your customer’s experience; it also helps to build your brand too. The more personalised it is, the easier it is for your customer to relate to your company and brand.

Personalisation completely depends on how good the kiosk operation solutions provider is; since they are goinging to create it. If you are in need of a good service provider, visit OR Apply now.

4 ways of personalising the kiosk:

1.Customising the interface

This is perhaps the most important one, since this is what the customer will remember the most. You need to know what your customer wants from the kiosk. Get surveys done, take feedback on features they would like to see in the kiosk and ensure they are there. It makes the customers feel that you’ve heard them and helps you to eliminate any unnecessary information/service.

2.Usage of logo and brand colour

If the interface has the logo on all the segments and the background uses the colours of your brand, it is going to create a long lasting effect in the minds of both existing and prospective customers. It helps the customers to associate that colour or colours with your brand.

You could also personalise the colour of your self-service kiosk instead of going ahead with the standard black or white. This will immediately make people notice your kiosk.

3.Building your marketing database

By putting in some additional features, you could ask the person using the kiosk to share email ids or phone numbers. A person who is satisfied using your kiosk will most likely agree to get marketing offers from you.

4.Highlight your latest products or offers

You could have a feature like a splash screen highlighting your newest products and the latest offers when it isn’t in use or have a feature while in use which blinks and asks customers to click to know about products and offers. This can be a great and effective way of advertising and promoting your products.

These features require you to have a great kiosk operation solutions provider who can completely customise the kiosk to improve customer service and highlight your brand at the same time. This requires regular updates and a great system for data collection and an effective method of sending that data to you. Most people don’t realise what an effective marketing tool a kiosk is. Take advantage of it and choose your provider carefully.

Overall, a automated collection system is important to ensure data is collect and action steps is taken to improve services based on the analysis.

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Reasons to try out a Cloud Based Visitor Management System

A majority of the infrastructure needs are now moving to the cloud. Cloud storage has a plethora of benefits to offer. Businesses of all sizes look for scalability and ease of management and these are few of the strongest traits of moving records to the cloud. Having a reliable visitor management system in place, with a clutter free streamlined management of visitor record, is growing to be an important factor for enhancing the security in the office premises. Having such automated systems for visitor management is not a new concept. But what is new is the trend of moving the system to the cloud. One example is ATT Systems and you can view more here:

Cloud based systems are now being adopted because of the many benefits they offer:

Trials to Get a Glimpse of the Real Scenario

One common aspect of the cloud based system is the incentive to try out the actual system before investing a huge sum for permanent solution. This is not possible with conventional systems where understanding the finer details of the system is only accessible when a huge sum of money is invested in it. But the cloud offers this advantage. So your business gets to test the practicality of the system before buying the service.

Easy and relatively cheaper maintenance

Maintenance costs of the automated systems for visitor management come down when they are based on the cloud. The security also increases and there is the inherent advantage of easier data backup option. So data recovery after a disaster is also quick and easy. One other important aspect of security is that cloud based systems make it easy to add restricted access to the data. So without essential authentication, data cannot be accessed or misused. In an age where data leaks and internal data breeches are creating huge losses for businesses, such a security is a welcome addition. And with all the benefits, the automated system software can also be updated on a regular basis to add security patches, thus making the maintenance a simple task.

Remote management is made more efficient

Using a cloud based system for visitor management allows the system to extract, control and monitor the various data closely. Reports containing the visitor information or modification of visitor pass requests can all be manage by those with the permission. Most of the cloud based system providers also offer great after-purchase support where all the technical issues can be resolved in no time without any hassle.

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Four Ways That Retail POS in Singapore Can Help Your Businesss Sales

Owning a successful retail business today means you need to have a POS system to be a success. The main reason you should invest in a POS system is that your competitors have already installed or are going to install one soon. So, holding out is not a good idea.

There are many types of systems that you can pick from. Even a basic POS system is very important because it can help boost your sales. If you are still not sure that investing in a POS system is a good business investment, here are four important ways that a POS system can help boost your bottom line.

1. Inventory Control

A POS can instantly record each sale at your business. It can provide you with a figure of what items have sold and how much inventory that you have left. This means that you can that you can track what items are selling more and which ones are not. This can help you avoid spending money on inventory that is not going to sell, and this information can also be used to see if you should increase your prices.

2. Allows You to Accept Credit Cards

Even though most POS for retail feature at least one cash register, a cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer, there is increasing numbers of systems that include a debit and credit card reader. This allows your business to accept these popular forms of payment, which can easily boost your profits, especially if your business only accepted cash or check in the past.

With the advent of chip technology cards, having a card reader is more important than ever. There are millions of customers that now have these cards. So, if you do not accept these cards, it is highly likely that you are going to lose business.

3. Increase Your Marketing

One of the lesser known benefits of a POS system is that you can advertise deals, discounts, and upcoming events on your cash register displays and screens. Studies have shown this type of marketing is effective because it boosts the amount of impulse decisions that customers make. This can easily boost your sales, without having to spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns.

You can show this promotions on your self service kiosk where customers use to order and pay for their food.

4. Payroll Management

No matter if you are using time cards or electronic systems for payroll management, a POS system can help improve your organized payroll. This makes it easy to review your employees hours quickly. Most POS systems will have your employee log in before they can use the system. This makes it easy to track what your employees are doing and how many sales that they make. A POS system can help reduce the amount of money and time that is spent doing payroll, which can save your business money and improve your bottom line.

Investing in a POS system may be a boost for your businesss bottom line. There are many POS systems for retail available to pick from and for many types of businesses having a POS system is almost a requirement.

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Importance of Point of Sale Systems

Technology is revolutionizing businesses operations. If you are a business person and still havent gotten a reason to upgrade your point of sale systems, you might end up being left behind by your competitors. Throw away the calculators and receipt printing methodology as well as the late night inventory checkups. Point of sale systems can help you run your business smoothly and comfortably while relaxing at the comfort of your own home. It collects all data for you, analyzes it and brings to you the real time statistics. Besides being real, it is very precise and never omits any information.

Facilitates Excellent Inventory Management Principles

Inventory management is good because it is the one that determines your pricing, profits, and capital size. There are three aspects that determine inventory decision making and these include how much you have, how much you have sold and how much you need. POS can provide all these three features when well installed thereby making you to simply decide what to do depending on the statistics given. It tracks the best-selling products that clients buy in large numbers thereby making you to know what you should majorly focus on.

Planning Customer Rewards

In the current business world, pleasing customers is one of the ways of beating competition. But how will you reward customers if you dont have the data to make you decide who deserves a reward? Point of sale software records customers information and shows you the heavy buyers. Such information will make you offer incentives to perfect clients so that you retain them and build trust with them. Throw away your stamp cards and focus on bettering you operations by using the point of sales.

Facilitate Invoicing

Sometimes we have goods that are expected to win market attention before they are even released. POS can enable you to allow your clients order for such products before they are available in the stores. It is like paying for site prior to a football match. The point of sale allows you to serve your clients well, therefore, there will be no mishaps or data mixing.

24 Hour Business Surveillance

As a business person, knowing the progress and operations of your business is very important. POS comes with cloud computing feature that allows you to connect to your businesses using devices like phones and other internet enabled devices. You will be able to monitor the volume of sales, what is remaining in store, the fast and slow moving goods, inventories and other business features. Through this, it will be possible for you to take the appropriate measures so as to enhance business operations.

The bottom line is that POS serves as the analyzer of your business operations thereby making you to take the appropriate actions. Dont remain analog, install Singapore POS system and you will enjoy maximum transparency of your business operations. Make sure that you buy a point of sale that is compatible to your business so that it serves you well and better.

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Speed Up Your POS System Using These Five Simple Tips

A great POS system can be of immense help to a business, especially once your employees know how to use the software correctly. However, even the best POS systems can have issues with them at times. Some possible issues are that it takes too long to log into the system or those items are not ringing in correctly. Even if a system is brand new, you may be running into these problems. Here are five simple tips to avoid your new POS system slowing down.

1. Switch to an Easy to Load Printer

There are many difficult to fix hardware problems. The main one is a seizing printer, which can make a customer wait for their bill. Everyone is always in a hurry, and if a cashier is struggling with the receipt printer, people will get annoyed. This will cause customers to leave the store without buying anything.

To prevent this before it happens, you should be checking your POS system before you open daily. The printer should be printing correctly, and the paper rolls should be full. There should also be new paper rolls nearby to make sure that if cash runs out of paper, it can be filled quickly.

2. Isolate the Point of Sale System

You should not be hosting your POS system on an open network. It is more vulnerable to attack than other hardware, and they store a huge amount of information about your customers. The system should be on its own private network, to limit the amount of access a hacker or malicious program has to the information. The more isolated that the system is, the better.

3. Update Your POS Software Regularly

Even if you are using point of sale software that is less than six months old, you should make sure that the software is up-to-date. These updates are necessary to protect the POS system and help make the system run more efficiently. You should also make sure that you have an anti-virus system, malware, and adware programs installed and up-to-date at all times.

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4. Improve Your Wi-Fi to Speed up Your Software

Your internet speeds could be affecting your POS softwares speed. So, improving your Wi-Fi speed can help you sell items and print receipts faster.

Another way that you can speed up your connection is to integrate your credit card and printing systems with the POS system. Most companies who make POS systems offer this feature, which can cut down the processing time on payments to be lowered to around two seconds.

5. Pick a Good Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are not always necessary, but they can speed things up. They can help speed up billing, inventory errors, and pricing mistakes.

A good POS system will work from day one until you want to switch to a new system. However, a POS system is not going to run quickly or smoothly all the time.

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Enhancing Business Operations with Konverge Retail POS

Whether you are a retailer who needs to stay up to date with customer information, inventory details or purchase history, you can never go wrong with Konverge POS for retail. One advantage of this system is that it works for the best of the retailer and the customer. Customers’ transactions are processed fast which saves both parties time and the hassle. This system guarantees a business owner visibility in all the outlets.

Alleviates Human Errors in Stock Management

When making an order manually where different kind of items in different numbers are involved, there is a big room for errors or even missed orders. This has been seen often in orders made via email, phone calls or fax. These traditional stock requisition methods do not guarantee efficiency unlike what you get with konverge pos.such inefficiency instead guarantees errors that could cost the business.

Quick Links between Outlets and the Back Office

In most cases, when a staff has to make an order from the head office, they either have to make a call, write an email or go there physically. This is not the case with the POS system as it comes with an item requisition module. This module comes with an end to end system that is automated connecting individual store outlets direct to the head offices back-office. This makes everything easy when it comes to order requisition.

Improves Profits

Mistakes that are made in stock management have a negative impact in profitability and revenue in general. This system does not allow an outlet to go low on stock or be overstocked. This is what alleviates stock management mistakes and in turn boosts the profitability. Stock management transparency is guaranteed.

Saves a Lot of Time

When orders are not done manually, this does not only alleviate possible mistakes, but it also saves time. Fuel that could be spent moving from an outlet to the head office to make an order is saved. A staff at an individual outlet makes an order which is transmitted to the back office at the head office electronically. This allows a fast processing of the order and delivery which saves a lot of time. With the POS for retail, the responsible staffs are able to tell which item needs to be restocked as stock replenishment is based on PAR level or on weekly sales.

Enhances Staff Capacity

Staff capacity is important to every business. Konverge POS systems ensure that staffs are not held by human errors or some administrative processes, but they instead focus on the growth of the business. This is actually a great way to increase staff capacity in any business. When staff and the management no longer have to worry about administrative procedures, they will have enough time to focus on what brings more revenue.

If you are a retailer who is looking for ways to improve efficiency, save time and increase staff capacity, you can never go wrong with Konverges POS.

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Boosting Customer Satisfaction with POS Software in Singapore

Enhancing a world-class level of customer satisfaction is very vital in a world where competition has become the order for the day. The most successful businesses can attest that technology plays a big role in excellent customer service. To enhance customer loyalty and boost your profits, ensure that you get a POS system. It does not matter which industry or business you are in as this works for all businesses.

Enhance Customers Shopping Experience

Running out of stock due to human error is one of the mistakes that retailers are making today. When a customer walks in to a retail shop for something they buy regularly, and they find it is out of stock, they get frustrated. If it happens several times, the retailer will surely lose the customer. With a Singapore POS system , this cannot happen. The reason is it is easier to know the stock levels with real-time data. This will help in retaining a customer.

It Helps a Retailer in Retaining the Clients

Since this system gives a retailer real-time data on the stock and helps in storing of customers transaction history, he or she is able to know what should not miss in the shop. With the history of the purchase, it becomes easier to retain a customer who knows they will never lack what they need from a specific shop.


Helps you in Understanding your Customers More

Every business needs to understand their customers more. This POS software comes with a customer relations management system that has various benefits. A retailer gets to understand his customers better, they know them well, they are aware of their preferences and with this; they know how to retain them. This system helps in marketing activities that are effective which translates to more revenue and wooing of potential customers.

Customers can Shop While on the Go

Today, people have become too busy that some are not finding time to shop physically. This can explain the reason internet savvy shoppers are on the rise. They want to shop while on the go and needs their orders to be filled as soon as they request. This POS system supports a mobile application that allows customers to shop from wherever they are.

A Retailer has Better Control of their Business

Greater control of a business makes you comfortable. Great control means you will not be caught unaware in the operations of your business. You maintain the required customer service and shelves that are well stocked which guarantees seamless operation.

If you are a retailer who is looking forward to making more out of their retail business, the Konverge point of sale software comes in handy. The system triggers stock replenishment when the stock levels goes down which means you will not run out of stock which customers could see as mismanagement and a poor service. It is this integrated system that has helped many businesses stay afloat, retain customers and enhance profitability.

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What Types Of Businesses Require ERP Software?

If your business is not using ERP accounting software or an ERP solution, it is high time to start thinking of the feasibility of deploying it in your organization. However, do you actually require one? What types of businesses can get the maximum benefits from an ERP solution and why?

Businesses in all kinds of sectors ranging from catering to manufacturing are using ERP software for their benefit. The bottom line is any business can get its Return on Investment or ROI by deploying an ERP system. The software is capable of streamlining the various administrative functions and business processes, leading to higher productivity and efficiency with fewer incidents of error.

The truth is that an ERP system enables businesses to view real-time data so that they can use it while making their decisions.

A struggling business can also benefit from an ERP solution

When a business is struggling, there can be areas where opportunities are being lost, savings are not being realized and where the operations could have been streamlined for greater efficiency. All these functionalities can be easily taken care by using an ERP solution.

ERP software is a must for a complex and large business

When it is a big organization, it needs to keep track of the huge volume of data that is distributed across various areas like CRM, inventory, and accounting. When a business maintains multiple systems, data sharing across departments becomes a big challenge. Moreover, executives are unable to view everything as per their wish. Such systems also cost much more with respect to the systems and due to the loss in productivity. ERP software is the best solution for catering to the needs of a large organization.

An ERP solution can benefit a small business

When a company is small, every employee needs to do multiple tasks at the same time. Hence, there is hardly anyone who has the time to manage silos of information or multiple excel sheets. When such a business has an ERP solution in place, owners can focus more time on their business and need not worry about the mundane administrative issues.

ERP solution enables medium-sized companies to leverage on vast opportunities

If medium-sized organizations are looking for increased efficiency and increased productivity as well as enhanced insight into the workings of their business, an ERP solution is highly beneficial. ERP software is crucial for all these businesses that want to make it big and need to handle their business processes in a better manner.

Intelligent Queue Management Solutions For Any Organisation

A major hindrance to the productivity of any organisation is the inefficient delivery of services due to a lack of proper queue management. It may not seem like much of a problem, but the confusion and waste of time caused by improper queueing really has an impact on productivity and profits. Without a proper system of management, a crowded service area leads to chaos and disorder. This is frustrating for both the organisation as well as the people who are using the services. Mismanaged queues lead to time-consuming waits which are frustrating and costly for all parties involved.

However, over the years, intelligent solutions for queue management have been developed which can be applied to any kind of organisation. One of which is a Queue Management System, which streamlines queueing procedures by using an electronic tracker on a mobile app. With this mobile app, one just simply registers and can attend to other matters while the queue system runs down the queue for those ahead of him. And when it is about time for his turn, a reminder can be set to notify the user.

One company that is at the forefront of this technology is ATT Systems, and they are renowned in the industry for their Queue Management Software used in waiting rooms of many institutions. Their software is also compatible with third-party software, and this flexibility allows for a wide range of integration.

Queue management software

So, what is a queue management software?

Intelligent queue management solutions involve a well-designed application of IT to help organisations deliver smooth service and to ensure that customers are satisfied and their needs dealt with in a timely fashion. Be it in hospitals, banks, government offices or private organisations, technology can be tailored and applied in such a way that customer service is managed efficiently. A successful blend of software, hardware and the internet is created to provide solutions such as:

– Scheduling of appointments through the internet by customers at a time convenient for them.

– Customer request terminals (web-based) that let customers do their registration and issue/re-issue queue tickets for appointments.

– Buzzer devices that can send alerts to customers wirelessly.

– Kiosks that hold customer information, easily accessible by both the organisation as well as the customers themselves. Customers can operate the kiosks themselves to get information and direction easily and it also saves time during transactions.

– Room displays showing real-time queue numbers.

– Media display along with queue numbers so as to maximise its use.

– LED/LCD display and interface for clear communication and ease of use. These are customisable according to the requirements of the organisation or company at both ends, i.e., for the service staff as well as for customers.

And as Kirill Tšernov puts it, 

“Queue management is a modern, digital-based queuing solution that operates on a different level than simple crowd management tools.

They provide customers with a sense of agency, as they sign themselves up for services using self-service kiosks — interactive terminals placed at points of high foot traffic.

After signing up, a customer needs to look at the screen which provides relevant stats: your place in a queue, the number of people before you, the service point you need to go to, etc.

With clear instructions and text message notifications, the queuing process is faster than ever. The checkouts are efficient, waiting time is reduced, and shopping experience is greatly improved.”

Read more here.


When deciding to switch to new technologies, there are bound to be cons incurred. Some include, inconvenience to staff in having to familiarise with new systems, manpower to maintain and troubleshoot the system, and also people to guide customers on how to use the system. Despite these cons, it is highly recommended to switch to high-tech systems as development is an inevitable phenomenon, and sooner or later other institutions or competitors will be using it as well. So why not make the switch up and gain the benefits first?

Next, Global Access will mention the pros of having such a system.

• Helps regulate end of queue

• Directional signage that can be updated at any time

• Customer engagement through video based messages

• Display of marketing or security messages

• Integrated multi-queuing systems

• Monitoring of staff productivity

• Improve queue efficiency

Built in supervisory call function

Built in panic alerts

• Supervisor SMS escalation alert

• Queue Layouts can be dynamically updated through the management console

Read more here.


Queue management is definitely a system that you should look into if you are looking to develop a better crowd-control system than using barricades and employing crowd marshalls. Both of which incur short term costs, whereas a Queue management system only requires a one off cost and can be used for the long run. You should definitely consider one for your business if you are serious about streamlining large visitor volumes.


Social Media Can Give A New Managing Experience To The E-Menu

It is all trending on social media, very minute detail that is most talked about, every new thing that is most searched and every interesting fact being liked and shared. So it is obvious to follow trend to be in trending. People are easily expressing their likes and dislikes about anything and it is easy to know the pulse to make the necessary tweaks that can match to the market demand.

Promotion that helps get noticed –

Here come into action all those marketing skills of a business person to get the product and the service into the public to help serve the customer better. Take the platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to market the e-menu. It has nothing to lose but helps gaining a valuable suggestion added through feedbacks and improves the areas of development.

In social media one can directly upload the menu with pictures that easily grabs an eye over it. Take the help of a professional photographer team that can give the excellent look to the recipes cooked by master chefs of the kitchen. These striking photos may bring many customers to the tables with a desire of tasting something they have seen as a visual. It can give a strong impression by keeping the page out of the crowd.

Experience that helps changing phase of the business –

E-menu is the new method in the food and beverage industry. So, take a lean back and stay calm. It is obvious to fail many times and learn from it. In the industries that depends more on customer it is challenging to gain experience at a snap and every small detail needs to be observed properly just in case of future use. Everyday become a new lesson to remember and every customer is a context to understand and every serving is an experience to cherish be it good, bad or ugly and yes, no or may be! All these help the staff themselves to blend for a new challenge.

A prominent change is made on the food that is supplied in an order. Starters should start with lovely pictures, and then design the cuisine with all the suggesting recipes in a various variety of wine, desserts and beverage. It is difficult to go blindly for someone’s menu order, which is why experts arranged a suggesting combination that helps to get a food and beverage which is irresistibly tasty. Even the chefs in kitchen will have a peace of mind by satisfying the customer.

Lastly –

Also, as the experts already set the software to match the needs of the customer, they just feel the magic like their mind is being read! Yes, it is simply magic to stop the taste buds from going over energetic!

ERP and process accuracy

Internal Processes

There are two sides to an organization-the external side and the internal side. The external side deals with the clients. Getting to know the requirement of the client, preparing a project plan for the client, negotiating with the client getting it approved by the latter, forming a team skilled to handle the project and last but not the least, ensuring timely delivery of the project deliverables. This will ensure that the client is satisfied and happy. If the client is happy then the client will give more work to the company. This will ensure a steady flow of revenue and in turn make the business grow.

However, for these external processes to run successfully, the internal side of the company must function properly. Imagine a situation where an employee has worked very hard and even clocked extra hours to ensure timely delivery of a project. At the end of the month, if this employee does not receive the salary on time because the payroll department had forgotten to prepare his/her pay slip, then this would lead to severe grievance and demotivation in that employee. This in turn would adversely affect his/her work quality. Thus the internal departments that look after the internal affairs of a company are as important as the external departments.

Internal processes include supply chain, finance, operation human resource management and admin. These processes are divided into various departments. These departments have a huge amount of important that they keep stored for further use in future. Often the information stored by one department is used by another department. For example the packaging department needs the information of the manufacturing department in order to plan their work.

ERP management

To collate all these information in one platform, there has to be a system in every organization-this platform is ERP management. In Singapore, where there are so many companies functioning together, there are many vendors providing ERP services. ERP software in Singapore is available with many vendors who provide different types of ERP software. These ERP software in Singapore help to collate the information that is crucial for the company to function as one unit successfully and smoothly.

Planning and collaborating with the help of enterprise resource planning makes the planning and execution of various functions easy and saves a lot of time and energy which can be used for other more demanding tasks. Thus ERP management for business in Singapore and world is indispensable for success and progress.

BI tools suitable to your business

Business intelligence, today is becoming more and more an integral, integrated and essential part of all businesses, be it small or big. The gap between hardware, software and data analytics is blurring as both need to work seamlessly to ensure businesses are intelligent enough to serve the purpose they are expected to.

There are many vendors who specialise separately in hardware, software and analytics but today more and more vendors are realizing that all three need to work in tandem and its easier for businesses also to make a decision on purchase of product and using the required services for all 3 are provided by one vendor under the same umbrella.

Few key benefits of integrated BI Tools:

  • They provide real time data / information about customers, products, competition etc.
  • They are user friendly and come with 24 X 7 service support which is extremely valuable in retail POS environment.
  • They help to streamline business operations and optimize processes to build efficiencies.
  • They help improve response time and add to bottomlines by cutting on undue expenses.

Types of BI and related areas:

  • BI Hardwares: These constitute the necessary data warehouses, servers etc to support both the Softwares and Tools mentioned below.
  • BI Softwares: These range across business functions like HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales etc and are present at each stage of Product life cycle starting from raw material purchase to factory to consumer purchase and re-purchase etc.
  • BI Tools: Some popular examples are Domo, Tableau, Micro Strategy, Qlik etc which help in visualizing and analysing the generated data in an easy and intuitive manner so businesses can make quick decisions in cases of identified opportunities or threats.


SAP, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have already started providing all the above services under one roof to make it easier for businesses to decide on their purchases and also ensure seamless working of necessary products and services.

Before implementing any solutions, to ensure they understand the requirements and issues in advance as much as possible, vendors generally go through the entire business process in detail across steps like: Requirement gathering from key personnel across functions using interviews or process questionnaires etc, they further move on to process mapping, proposition of the appropriate solution for the business along with timelines, project plan and finally the implementation.

Areas that need BI support and hence the associated popular solutions are: Warehouse Management Services (WMS), Inventory Management (IM), retail POS, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Mobile orders, Payment kiosks, Vehicle tracking, Vending machines etc. These are used across businesses from FMCG, IT, Retail, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals etc and the scale of solutions are also dependent on the industry or stage of business maturity.


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