4 Ways of Creating a Personalised Kiosk Operation Solution

The great thing about kiosks is that not only does it enhance your customer’s experience; it also helps to build your brand too. The more personalised it is, the easier it is for your customer to relate to your company and brand.

Personalisation completely depends on how good the kiosk operation solutions provider is; since they are goinging to create it. If you are in need of a good service provider, visit http://www.attsystemsgroup.com/kiosk-operation-solutions-kos OR Apply now.

4 ways of personalising the kiosk:

1.Customising the interface

This is perhaps the most important one, since this is what the customer will remember the most. You need to know what your customer wants from the kiosk. Get surveys done, take feedback on features they would like to see in the kiosk and ensure they are there. It makes the customers feel that you’ve heard them and helps you to eliminate any unnecessary information/service.

2.Usage of logo and brand colour

If the interface has the logo on all the segments and the background uses the colours of your brand, it is going to create a long lasting effect in the minds of both existing and prospective customers. It helps the customers to associate that colour or colours with your brand.

You could also personalise the colour of your self-service kiosk instead of going ahead with the standard black or white. This will immediately make people notice your kiosk.

3.Building your marketing database

By putting in some additional features, you could ask the person using the kiosk to share email ids or phone numbers. A person who is satisfied using your kiosk will most likely agree to get marketing offers from you.

4.Highlight your latest products or offers

You could have a feature like a splash screen highlighting your newest products and the latest offers when it isn’t in use or have a feature while in use which blinks and asks customers to click to know about products and offers. This can be a great and effective way of advertising and promoting your products.

These features require you to have a great kiosk operation solutions provider who can completely customise the kiosk to improve customer service and highlight your brand at the same time. This requires regular updates and a great system for data collection and an effective method of sending that data to you. Most people don’t realise what an effective marketing tool a kiosk is. Take advantage of it and choose your provider carefully.

Overall, a automated collection system is important to ensure data is collect and action steps is taken to improve services based on the analysis.

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