Enhancing Business Operations with Konverge Retail POS

Whether you are a retailer who needs to stay up to date with customer information, inventory details or purchase history, you can never go wrong with Konverge POS for retail. One advantage of this system is that it works for the best of the retailer and the customer. Customers’ transactions are processed fast which saves both parties time and the hassle. This system guarantees a business owner visibility in all the outlets.

Alleviates Human Errors in Stock Management

When making an order manually where different kind of items in different numbers are involved, there is a big room for errors or even missed orders. This has been seen often in orders made via email, phone calls or fax. These traditional stock requisition methods do not guarantee efficiency unlike what you get with konverge pos.such inefficiency instead guarantees errors that could cost the business.

Quick Links between Outlets and the Back Office

In most cases, when a staff has to make an order from the head office, they either have to make a call, write an email or go there physically. This is not the case with the POS system as it comes with an item requisition module. This module comes with an end to end system that is automated connecting individual store outlets direct to the head offices back-office. This makes everything easy when it comes to order requisition.

Improves Profits

Mistakes that are made in stock management have a negative impact in profitability and revenue in general. This system does not allow an outlet to go low on stock or be overstocked. This is what alleviates stock management mistakes and in turn boosts the profitability. Stock management transparency is guaranteed.

Saves a Lot of Time

When orders are not done manually, this does not only alleviate possible mistakes, but it also saves time. Fuel that could be spent moving from an outlet to the head office to make an order is saved. A staff at an individual outlet makes an order which is transmitted to the back office at the head office electronically. This allows a fast processing of the order and delivery which saves a lot of time. With the POS for retail, the responsible staffs are able to tell which item needs to be restocked as stock replenishment is based on PAR level or on weekly sales.

Enhances Staff Capacity

Staff capacity is important to every business. Konverge POS systems ensure that staffs are not held by human errors or some administrative processes, but they instead focus on the growth of the business. This is actually a great way to increase staff capacity in any business. When staff and the management no longer have to worry about administrative procedures, they will have enough time to focus on what brings more revenue.

If you are a retailer who is looking for ways to improve efficiency, save time and increase staff capacity, you can never go wrong with Konverges POS.

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