Speed Up Your POS System Using These Five Simple Tips

A great POS system can be of immense help to a business, especially once your employees know how to use the software correctly. However, even the best POS systems can have issues with them at times. Some possible issues are that it takes too long to log into the system or those items are not ringing in correctly. Even if a system is brand new, you may be running into these problems. Here are five simple tips to avoid your new POS system slowing down.

1. Switch to an Easy to Load Printer

There are many difficult to fix hardware problems. The main one is a seizing printer, which can make a customer wait for their bill. Everyone is always in a hurry, and if a cashier is struggling with the receipt printer, people will get annoyed. This will cause customers to leave the store without buying anything.

To prevent this before it happens, you should be checking your POS system before you open daily. The printer should be printing correctly, and the paper rolls should be full. There should also be new paper rolls nearby to make sure that if cash runs out of paper, it can be filled quickly.

2. Isolate the Point of Sale System

You should not be hosting your POS system on an open network. It is more vulnerable to attack than other hardware, and they store a huge amount of information about your customers. The system should be on its own private network, to limit the amount of access a hacker or malicious program has to the information. The more isolated that the system is, the better.

3. Update Your POS Software Regularly

Even if you are using point of sale software that is less than six months old, you should make sure that the software is up-to-date. These updates are necessary to protect the POS system and help make the system run more efficiently. You should also make sure that you have an anti-virus system, malware, and adware programs installed and up-to-date at all times.

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4. Improve Your Wi-Fi to Speed up Your Software

Your internet speeds could be affecting your POS softwares speed. So, improving your Wi-Fi speed can help you sell items and print receipts faster.

Another way that you can speed up your connection is to integrate your credit card and printing systems with the POS system. Most companies who make POS systems offer this feature, which can cut down the processing time on payments to be lowered to around two seconds.

5. Pick a Good Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are not always necessary, but they can speed things up. They can help speed up billing, inventory errors, and pricing mistakes.

A good POS system will work from day one until you want to switch to a new system. However, a POS system is not going to run quickly or smoothly all the time.

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